Operation Give Back

There is no greater joy in this life than giving hope to one another. To extend a lifeline can be the difference between life and death both natural and spiritual. Within the Academy of the Scribe Operation Give Back provides the opportunity for all scribes to impart life through the gift of journals and pens.

The power of the pen to a journal is meant to release creativity as an expression of personal experiences, and designed to bring encouragement, self-reflection, therapeutic cure, and a reflection of every facet of God in our lives.

We are asking scribes to donate a special pen and journal these will be gifted to youth, family shelters, group homes, and seniors. These journals can be handcrafted or purchased.

Pray over the journals you are sending, that they will be a blessing to those that will acquire them. We ask you to prayerfully inscribe a special godly word of encouragement onto the front cover or first pages of your donated journal.

If you have any questions please email us:


Journals can be mailed to:
Academy of the Scribe
375 Redondo Avenue Suite 323
Long Beach, CA 90814