The Academy of the Scribe – Why Attend

The Academy of the Scribe offers a positive and transformational experience created to impact your life and your scribal assignments. If you are looking to enhance, fortify and expand your scribal assignments- this is the school for you! Our courses will bring clarification to your personal Christian identity and who you are called to be within the ministry of the scribe. Our school will bring you into a closer walk with the Lord Jesus. Our courses bring encouragement to press into your God given scribal assignments!

To prepare your heart for success begin with the end in mind. The end will be growth, success, and progress in who you are as a man or woman of God and greater direction and clarification in your assignments as God’s present day scribe.

As you go through our training courses you will come to understand many things concerning scribal ministry including: what it means to be a present day scribe, understanding the history of scribes of old, how present day scribes should publish from God’s perspective, distinctions of a Christian writer, role models for scribal ministry and stumbling blocks to scribal ministry. You will also learn, God has called present day scribes to be people of impact, authority, and influence – yourself included. You will glean a solid foundation for success as a present day scribe.

The Academy of the Scribe will position you to fulfill scribal ministry and walk in the Scribal Anointing® as a true and pure ministry representative according to Matthew 13:52 “Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the Kingdom of Heaven is like a householder who brings out to his treasure things new and old”.