The Heart of God's Poets

Updated Date :December 16, 2018 Release Date :December 7, 2018

Poetic imaginations, flows, rhythms, rhymes and metrics are found throughout the bible. Envision the Apostle Paul in front of an open mic in the City of Athens on Mar’s Hill. As described in Acts chapter 17, his assignment was to declare who God was to those who serve “The Unknown God”. These were men and women who enjoyed spending their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing. The bible goes on to describe that the poets within their own culture had also proclaimed that “in God we live, move and have our being”. This course is designed to examine poetry from a biblical perspective and bring encouragement to scribes that flow in this God given gift. Psalms 90:9 – the root word of told is poetic
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