The Ministry of the Scribal Historian

Updated Date :December 16, 2018 Release Date :December 7, 2018

Exposing the Past, Forging the Present, Paving the Future

The accounts of history have shaped the lives of civilization from time and memorial. Historians just as other categories of scribal ministry can fall into diverse categories.

  • Historian of Family Genealogy
  • Historian for a Nationality
  • Historian for a Nation
  • Historian for a Culture
  • Historian for a Religious Institution
  • Historian for a Stream of Business or Commerce

Historians have the unique perspective of examining the past, living in the present and casting vision for the future. God has used the scribal historian to write history from His perspective. God is concerned about the family genealogy. We see this in the account of the birth of Jesus as found in the first book of the New Testament. God wants us to know national history, this is evidenced within the Books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles. God is concerned about cultural and nationality history as described in references to the multitudes of tribal families both Jewish and non-Jewish. We are not without history of the Religious Institutions as penned by the Apostles in the New Testament letters to the churches. Also hidden within the scriptures are a multitude of references to commerce centers. The ministry of the scribal historian is critical because the past in any arena contains keys to unlock our present and future. This class brings God’s perspective to the ministry of the scribal historian and will encourage you to walk out you assignments within this vein of scribal ministry.
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