History – Ode to the Motherlode

I would be remiss not to share how the Lord brought me into the ministry of the scribe. The Lord was speaking to my good friend regarding spiritual plagiarism. In her conversation with the Lord, she said “Lord what is that?” She began to look online and her search landed upon the book “The Sin of Spiritual Plagiarism”. This led both of us to connect to Voices of Christ – Literary Ministries International, www.voicesofchrist.com. God’s visionary for this ministry is Theresa Harvard Johnson. Shortly after seeing this ministry online we were both able to connect with her through a ministry assignment she had in Southern California. At that time I tapped into resources on the Voices of Christ website and also was able to purchase her book “The Scribal Anointing®”. As I devoured this book, it unlocked my identity as a present day scribe. I was then able to elevate my study by enrolling in The School of the Scribe (www.schoolofthescribe.com). I signed up for the master level class and received a Certificate to Teach – The Scribal Anointing®. The beauty of the intensive online teaching, training and course work is that each student is able to unlock a unique God given revelation of the Scribal Anointing®.

The Scribal Anointing Certificate to Teach Program has been one of the most impactful, positive life transformation experiences I have ever had! In the bible one the most famous references to the scribes is the fact that Jesus rebuked and chastised them publically –which put them in a negative light and made them have a negative reputation. I never knew from examining their biblical lifestyle and their occupations how they were people of impact, authority, and influence. I also never knew that God would identify not only myself, but a whole host of men, women, boys and girls as modern day scribes.

An additional area of enlightenment that has come from taking the Scribal Anointing Certificate to Teach Program has been understanding what it means to publish. Before my only understanding of what it meant to publish was the process it takes to produce a book in hard copy or an EBook. I had limited knowledge of the many channels, traditional and self-publishing that are available to many as modern day authors. I have come to understand that publishing according to God’s standard is so much more. Publishing according to God’s standard has a wonderful holistic aspect: we publish though our completed work, but also by our actions, our speech and our lifestyle. God wants the whole man to be a reflection of what He has asked us to do.

Overall the greatest areas of improvement in my life has been a much closer relationship and reliance upon the Godhead (God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit). In order to fulfill scribal ministry successfully according to Matthew 13:52 “Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the Kingdom of Heaven is like a householder who brings out to his treasure things new and old” – in order to be a true and pure representative of the Godhead, my relationship with God has become one of more reliance on God. God has fine-tuned my ability to hear His voice. We operate our lives so much of the time on autopilot, doing the same thing at the same time, in the same way. In this course I have found a God given freshness to our relationship and a freshness to what God has asked me to do. I have a renewed excitement and confidence in God. I have a renewed heart’s desire and hunger is to seek the Lord like never before, knowing that He cares about everything that concerns me, not just my scribal assignments, but my whole life as well. God is drawing me closer and reconciling me to His heart and His direction for my life as a Christian believer and my life as a scribe.

As a result of my training the Academy of the Scribe was founded.  The endeavor and mandate of the Academy of the Scribe is to bring the dimensional revelations of the Scribal Anointing to Scribes everywhere. That the Scribal identity of men women, boys and girls in God be unlocked and activated to the Glory of God. That Scribes everywhere be Instructed, Celebrated, and Accomplished!